Rhomega Systems has credentialed actuarial expertise and over 30 years of programming experience in the reinsurance industry making the company uniquely qualified to analyze, consolidate, and streamline your Excel-based pricing and reserving applications.

Utilize single-point data entry, centralized databases, and common business logic procedures to turn diverse ad hoc spreadsheets into complete, comprehensive, efficient systems.


Grow your experience, exposure, frequency / severity models without sacrificing speed.

Integrate the input and output of your pricing and reserving systems into corporate data stores to greatly reduce manual effort and the possibility of errors.


Expand simple expected loss models into multi - variate loss distributions employing dynamic simulation methods.

Develop powerful stochastic modeling capabilities to assist in cash flow and reserve analysis, PML determination, capital allocation, and ROE.


Analyze current disparate data sources to document application data flow.

Consolidate and integrate third-party sources into centralized data stores.

Reduce data entry effort, improve data quality, and build better applications through reliable data management.